Wendy Williams admits she vandalized ex Kevin Hunter's secret home with mistress after 'emotionally abusive' marriage

WENDY Williams revealed in her new Lifetime documentary that she vandalized her ex-husband Kevin Hunter’s secret home that he shared with his mistress.

The “serial cheater,” who Wendy claimed was "emotionally abusive," reportedly bought his mistress Sharina Hudson a New Jersey house in 2016 that was just minutes away from his home with Wendy.

Wendy said she learned over the years of various times that he cheated on her with other women, but she didn’t end up doing anything up it until he took things with Sharina even farther.

After she learned that Kevin bought his mistress a home in New Jersey, just 10 miles from their own place, that’s when she decided to let out a little anger and vandalize the place with spray paint.

The 56-year-old admitted she went over to the house and peeped through the window for a little while.

Eventually, she took out the spray paint and decided to write out “Wendy and Kevin forever.”

Before she left, Wendy stopped at the mailbox to glue it shut with guerille glue and to spray pink paint all over it.

She alleged in the doc: “Kevin’s not a woman beater. I was an emotionally abused woman, and I was taken advantage of horrifically.”

She added: “I was very naive in believing in love…He’s just a weird man with a lot of issues that I’m glad I’m rid of.”

Wendy said she first learned of one of her husband’s affairs after she had just given birth to their son, Kevin Jr, in 2000.

She went to check on the baby in his bedroom and heard him on the phone with another woman.

The daytime host confronted Kevin, and said she “honestly believed” him when he said he was going to break it off with her.

Recalling the moment for the camera, Wendy broke down in tears, blubbering, saying it’s “so f***ing disgusting.”

Though she wasn’t sure how long that affair lasted, his longest relationship with another woman has been his one with his current girlfriend, Sharina.

The two met in 2007 when Charlamagne tha God connected them because Sharina wanted to be a model, and he thought Kevin could help her, he said in the documentary.

“They ended up connecting a little too much,” he added.

Wendy didn’t find out about it until a while later when Kevin told her he was going to Los Angeles, California for business, and she hired a private investigator to follow him.

The PI told her he was actually in Miami, Florida with some girl, who turned out to be Sharina.

After things turned even more serious and she learned Kevin had purchased the home for his mistress, that’s when she decided to confront them with some spray-painting.

While speaking with Extra ahead of the documentary, Wendy blasted her ex-husband Kevin for being a “serial cheater,” even while she was pregnant with their son, Kevin Jr.

TV personality Billy Bush asked if it was a “cathartic experience” to be able to put her marriage with Kevin at the center of this movie and air out all of her feelings about it.

Wendy sharply replied: “It was cathartic to get him out of my life, to divorce him.”

Wendy and Kevin got married in 1997 and welcomed their son in 2000, and despite Wendy sharing how hard it was learning that her husband was cheating on her, she said she decided she didn't want to divorce him yet.

She ended up filing for divorce almost two decades later, in 2019, after Kevin fathered a child with another woman – Sharina.

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