‘Westworld’ Season 3 Finale: We Finally Get Our Answer About The Man In Black In A Dolores-Led Revolution

Warning the following re-cap contains spoilers from tonight’s season 3 finale episode of HBO’s Westworld, “Crisis Theory”:

Tonight’s episode was written by Denise Thé & Jonathan Nolan; directed by Jennifer Getzinger.

Refresh for more details ….When we last left our femme-bots heading into tonight’s finale, Dolores lost an arm in a battle with Maeve, and hit the “engage” button on supercomputer Solomon, which depleted power to both hosts. Also, we saw that a burnt up Charlotte (even Holores, if you will) was still alive. Man in Black is last seen turning a gun on Bernard and Stubbs.

In that gunfight, we see Stubbs get shot by MIB, but Bernard is stronger in the fight, through Ed Harris’ character. Lawrence, who we haven’t seen in a while, arrives in a large SWAT team truck marked SFPD, and in heavy armor. Lawrence gives Bernard a silver case, telling him he’s part of Dolores’ equation. “You gotta go see her,” Lawrence tells Bernard, handing him the case, “here’s something to help you.”

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Dolores dead, head bleeding with one arm back at Solomon HQ? Don’t think so. Caleb heads to Los Angeles to unlock a back-up body version of her in an abandoned warehouse. She’s Dolores, she’s smart, she saves her work and makes back-up copies of herself. She tells Caleb that he was born to be a leader, and again, more confusion as she tellls him that Delos always studied him; hence once again, he could be something of a host (despite us being led to believe he was an outler, human, reprogrammed). Caleb inserts a pearl into her body.

Caleb, Dolores and a small band of gunmen head out to do a job, but get foiled by a virtual Charlotte Hale, She’s really ticked off that Dolores was calling all the shots, being inside her, running her life, “her family” and everything. She has a squad ready to fire on Dolores’ unit. This results Caleb in making his way into the streets where there is a bulk of chaos going on.

Serac and Maeve find footage of Caleb taking a drive from Solomon. He orders Maeve to go get Dolores as she still has the section 16 parks data, and she’s the only one who has a key. Maeve and Dolores fight again, but no sword can split the latter now because she’s stronger. “You want to tear down their world and replace it with copies of yourself,” Maeve tells Dolores. Dolores has the upper hand, “You’re no freer than we are” she tells Maeve, “what you do will be up to you, as long as you don’t try and stop me.”

But then Dolores, is powered down, as a virtual Hale comes into control. Now Hale is running the show at Delos, and she wants cowgirl to know that. We see Maeve, pick up her sword and head toward Dolores….

In the midst of all this, but not necessarily in this order, MIB meets what appears to be his accountant in what looks like the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. MIB’s assets are frozen and he needs them thawed. “Get me a list of Delos assets worldwide,” says MIB, “I’m going to save the f**king world.”

Back at Serac’s lair, Maeve has captured Dolores. She’s hooked up to Rehoboam.

“The data from the Delos immortality project…if you give the key to me, you can join the others in the sublime,” Serac tells Dolores. She refuses, and Serac begins to swipe her memory. Caleb make his way to Incite HQ. While he breaks the neck of one of Serac’s henchmen, he’s taken into custody by Maeve and some dudes who bring him to see Dolores hooked up to Rehoboam. On the way there, Maeve calls Caleb “a man,” and he calls her “a host.”

“Do you think you know me because of your system?” Caleb yells at Serac, “That  thing you built stole my life. You are done destroying people’s lives.”

“I’m not the enemy, you are,” Serac tells Caleb, “A man when pushed, acts with exterem violence. You’re hear playing the role she assigned you. The leader of men will crush an unjust system…that’s the lie she told you?”

Maeve meanwhile is getting upset with Serac. He promised her a happy ever after with her daughter in the afterlife. She tells Serac, Dolores doesn’t have the key. He decides to keep swiping her memory anyway, and plans to kill Caleb, who doesn’t have the key. There’s a memory of Dolores and Maeve in the fields of the park. She tells Maeve she doesn’t have the key, however, Maeve hasn’t picked a side. And the whole reason why Dolores is going through all this blood, sweat and tears is to be build a free will world, “where we can bring the others back” and they can live in peace. “There is ugliness in this world. Disarray. I choose to see the beauty,” says Dolores encouraging Maeve to choose a side.

Maeve goes to turn on Serac, but he freezes her. He has a drive which then burns his hand. Maeve comes alive. There  is gunfire, and she kills his men. Caleb is left. She tells him that Dolores chose him, not for his “capacity for violence, but for his capacity to choose.”

In the end, Serac, down is told by Maeve that the minute Dolores was plugged into Rehobaim, the system became overran. Solomon was the last memory, and now Caleb is in control. Dolores’ body is left powerless on the floor though.

Back at a hotel where Stubbs is recovering in a tub, Benard tells him that Dolores is gone.

“We were always bound together. Something’s changed. I misjudged her. She wasn’t trying to exterminate the human race. She was trying to save it,” says Bernard, “Our world had to burn down before we could be free. But there’s still a chance.  The key to the sublime….it was never in her mind, it’s in mine. And that’s where I’m going.”

Maeve and Caleb leave Incite, into what she believes is a free world.

End Credits Epilogue: MIB approaches the Delos building. He tells a receptionist, “They’ve set themselves up to breed. Hosts.” He shoots the security guy, and heads to the research lab. He finds Hale downstairs. “Well done, you’re right on time, William,” says a charred arm Hale. He tells her he’s sher executioner. “Dolores wanted to save the world too….we started in the same place. I can see the error of the path she took. You’re right, William, you are going to save the world. For us. And then a cowboy-clad MIB comes out and battles him. Cowboy MIB cuts the throat of what is human MIB. “Welcome to the end William,” he tells him. And there’s a shot of several host processing machines. Last shot is of Bernard covered in dust, who is ten awakened by the key machine around his head.

And so there were two MIBs–a human one and a host one.


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