What is Kieran Culkin's height? Is He the Shortest Cast Member in 'Succession'?

While watching HBO’s Succession Season 3, many fans wondered about Kieran Culkin‘s height. Maybe it was the addition of Alexander Skarsgard that made fans notice how short Roman looks in some scenes. Although Nicholas Braun is shockingly tall, viewers don’t often see scenes of Roman and cousin Greg together. What is Kieran Culkin’s height? Is he the shortest cast member in the HBO series?

What is Kieran Culkin’s height?

Kieran Culkin is one of the shortest in the main cast of Succession, standing at 5-foot-6. However, his height doesn’t affect his ability to land the roles he wants in Hollywood as it did for Braun in his early career. (Cousin Greg is the tallest on the set at 6-foot-7). 

Culkin’s shorter height for an actor is a bonus for his desire to stay away from the fame of acting. As the younger brother of Macaulay Culkin, Kieran isn’t interested in fame. He saw people harass Macaulay on the streets because of his childhood acting career, which made him wary of Hollywood.

“As for fame, I think most people, if they really saw it close up, would go: ‘This is awful,’” he told The Guardian. “Well-adjusted people wouldn’t pursue the celebrity aspect. It changes your life and not usually in a positive way. I’m getting recognized more now and trying not to let it bother me. It bugs me if people surreptitiously take pictures of my wife or kids. Otherwise, I just try to live my normal life.”

Alan Ruck, who portrays Connor Roy, is 6-foot tall, so Roman’s two brothers are taller than him. Sarah Snook, who plays his sister Shiv, is the same height as Culkin. That might be why many viewers ask whether Shiv and Roman are twins. So, Culkin isn’t the shortest of the main cast members, but he is the shortest male actor in Succession. It doesn’t affect his ability to come across with some of the best dark humor in the series. 

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