‘What was he doing on holiday!’ Furious Brit erupts at Dominic Raab – ‘Fire him’

Dominic Raab 'should be fired instead of resigning' says caller

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On the show, presenter Trisha Goddard asked the caller: “How do you feel about Dominic Raab?”

The caller answered: “I detest him.

“I’m horrified by his behavior.

“The question is, what was he doing on a holiday?”

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He went on: “Nevermind the fact he didn’t take a phone call, you don’t walk away from the crisis and leave young soldiers to fight the corner!”

Ms Goddard pressed on: “So you don’t think he’s entitled to take any time out at all at a time like this?

The caller said: “Oh come on, tell the young soldiers out there that they’re going to miss their holiday.

“I’m not interested in his comfort. He’s got a job to do.

I mean, he couldn’t do it.

He continued: “And he let the country down, and more importantly, he let the poor Afghan armies down who have been doing so much for us.

The presenter interjected: “So do you think you think he should resign.”

The caller then said in response: “He should be sacked!

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“If you do a bad job at work, you get fired!

“Well he’s done something very bad at work, fire him.”

Dominic Raab is facing immense pressure to resign as it was revealed earlier this week that he was unavailable to make the phone call as the Taliban advanced towards Kabul because he was on holiday in Crete.

He delegated almost all duties to juniors. 

However, the Foreign Office says it “was not possible” to arrange the call before the Afghan government collapsed.
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