Where is Malcolm Webster now?

MALCOlM Webster worked as a nurse before he began murdering his spouses to claim their life insurances.

Here's everything you need to know about the murderer's whereabouts.

Who is Malcolm Webster?

Malcolm Webster was born on April 18, 1959 in Surrey.

He worked as a nurse and was once investigated for the deaths of three children who were under his care at a children's ward in UAE.

The children passed away from cardiac failure, although there was insufficient evidence for a police investigation.

He was later jailed for murder, attempted murder, arson, theft, fraud, drugging and attempted bigamy.

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Where is Malcolm Webster now?

Malcolm, son of a former top officer in the Metropolitan Police, is now serving time in prison.

After a 50 week trial – the longest in Scottish history – he was sentenced to life imprisonment on 5 July 2011, with a minimum sentence of thirty years.

Detective Inspector Charles Henry who investigated the murderer said: “Money is a motivation but also the lifestyle, being the centre of attraction because narcissism is a trait that psychopaths have".

“They have to be controlling so it’s not all about money, but also manipulation and the enjoyment of manipulation".

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Who were Malcolm Webster's victims?

Claire Morris

Claire Morris got married to Malcolm Webster in September 1993.

Over the course of their marriage, Malcolm drugged her making her prone to exhaustion.

Eight months into the marriage, tragedy struck when the couple's car careered off a narrow country road.

Webster crawled from the car onto the road but Claire was burned to death in the passenger seat.

Forensic experts were later asked to look at the old evidence and discovered the first witness on the scene said the car was not on fire, until 20 minutes after impact, suggesting it had been started after the crash.

Felicity Drumm

Malcolm married Felicity Drumm in New Zealand in 1997.

In the first year of marriage, he set fire to the living room furniture at their cottage.

In January 1999, he started a fire at a property they were intending to buy in Bayswater, Auckland.

A month later, he set fire to an armchair in Drumm's parents' home.

One day as Webster drove the pair to the bank, he claimed there was something wrong with the steering wheel on the car.

The car swerved across two lanes of traffic and the car ended up in a ditch.

According to Drumm's testimony, Malcolm immediately got out of the car and went to the boot.

She shared how he repeatedly screamed at her to stay in the car when she got out.

She refused, and phoned her lawyer to drive her to the bank.

Webster then faked a heart attack and while he was at the hospital, Felicity was informed he had cleaned out NZD$140,000 of her money from a joint bank account.

It was also later discovered that she had been sedated and Webster failed to appear in court on various charges.

A New Zealand police officer later confirmed: "He failed to appear at court and full warrants were issued. They are still alive.

"Two of them are for arson, the third is for selling, giving, supplying or administering a drug and the fourth is for disabling or stupefying his victim, his then wife.

"The arson charges relate to a fire at the home of his then wife's parents."

Simone Banarjee

After having told her he had terminal leukaemia, Malcolm attempted to marry Simone bigamously.

SImone then changed her will, leaving her entire estate to Webster.

The police presented her with an Osman letter to warn her about her fiancé's past which she first dismissed as nonsense.

After his conviction, Simone said: "He is a very good actor and would give Colin Firth a run for his money.

"He was charming and that's what made him so plausible."

She also claimed he intended to drown her by staging a boating accident, as she later discovered "the foil on my life jacket had been punctured and I hadn't checked my life jacket since I sailed with him.

"Everybody else's life jackets were fine. So I have pretty much no doubt that the boat was the way it was going to go."

How was Malcolm Webster caught?

Malcolm's crimes caught up with him and led to his arrest in 2007.

Simone Banarjee's house was searched by police after they received information that Webster had embezzled funds from an angling club.

During the search, the police seized a stolen laptop and an unlicensed gun. 

An investigation into Webster, called Operation Field, was launched in 2008.

The police announced they were re-examining Claire Morris' death and at the the same time the New Zealand police began re-examining the second crash.

Malcolm was charged in 2009 for the murder of Claire Morris, the attempted murder of Felicity Drumm and attempting to bigamously marry Simone Banarjee to gain access to her estate.

What happened to Charles Henry?

Charles shared in a Channel 4 documentary centered on the murderer called Married to a Psychopath: “Any woman he befriended, their relationship was full of charming antidotes, little messages, romantic presents.

“He was funny and engaging and even befriended police officers that worked in the local office in Oban, convincing them, and all his colleagues, he had terminal cancer.”

Charles explained how Webster’s move to the seaside community of Oban was the beginning of his downfall.

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