Where Love Is Blind cast members are now – from dramatic exits to no-shows

The series that got us hooked back in February 2020 is back with an explosive series on Netflix called Love is Blind: After the Alter.

We get to catch up with all the familiar faces from the first series – and we find out who’s married, who’s dating, and who’s still single.

The reunion of the cast members began with a glamorous party, reuniting after more than a year apart, catching up and reminiscing about their time during the pod experiment.

The experiment took place last year when 30 single men and women took part to see if love was blind.

They all took turns to meet each other, as a type of speed dating experiment. They went on dates, with one huge difference – they couldn’t see each other.

Instead, they would sit in a room called “pods” talking through a wall to the other, ultimately choosing one to drop down on one knee and propose too at the end of the 10 days.

After the proposals, eight people were engaged and they met for the first time, finally discovering who they’d been talking to for the past 10 days.

However, despite eight couples becoming engaged, only six continued to be filmed throughout the process to film their stories.

The two couples who no longer continued their journeys on the show were Rory Newbrough & Danielle Drouin along with Westley Baer & Lexie Skipper, all of which all split after the engagements.

The remaining couples all fled to Mexico where they spent time getting to know each other more and were also able to meet other people in the experiment too.

Afterwards, the six engaged couples moved into apartments together to really test their relationships as well as meeting their partner's family and friends.

The day of the wedding arrived, not long after the initial meeting, and at the alter they each decided whether to say “I do” or “I do not”.

During this time there were some shocking discoveries with who remained to get married.

Including a dramatic exit from Giannina Gibelli, who ran out of the venue after Damian Powers had said he did not want to get married.

So who remained together and who have since parted their ways?

Here’s everything you need to know about the eight engaged couples of Love is Blind and where they all are now.

Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed

The pair got married during the experiment in November 2018 and have since been together.

They celebrated their two-year anniversary at the reunion part along with Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett.

Matthew Barnett & Amber Pike

Another couple who tied the knot during the first season has also since been together.

After the drama during the first seasons between Matthew and Jessica, their relationship has continued to grow.

Damian Powers & Giannina Gibelli

It hasn’t been an easy ride for the couple who have been on and off since filming ended in 2018.

After Damian told Giannina at the alter that he did not want to marry her, the pair had time apart, only to rekindle their love later.

However, a few months later things began to become rocky again when Damian was pictured with Too Hot to Handle cast member Francesca Farago.

Damian and Giannina were together during the filming of the second season but have since parted ways after a rocky relationship, confirmed to have broken up in early 2021.

Mark Cuevas & Jessica Batten

With a 10-year age gap, this couple were headed for marriage until Jessica told Mark she could not marry him at the alter.

The pair broke up after the show, Jessica has started dating someone new who she talks about in the new season and Mark is nowhere to be seen.

However, during the show, fellow cast members talk about Mark and his new relationship he’s found with Aubrey Rainey and their new baby.

Kenny Barnes & Kelly Chase

Another shocking wrong turn at the alter was Kenny and Kelly who appeared to be a strong couple throughout the experiment.

However, when the time came Kelly chose not to marry Kenny and the two went their separate ways.

During the reunion, Kenny was dating someone new who he bought with him to the reunion and Kelly is still single.

Carlton Morton & Diamond Jack

The couple got engaged during the show but later had an explosive argument during the holiday in Mexico.

The argument began after Carlton explained to Diamond that he was bisexual, however, Diamond wasn’t happy with his lack of communication during the experiment and left Carlton saying some critical comments to Diamond in response.

Carlton did not appear at the reunion and Diamond is still single but bought a date to the reunion who she met in a local bar.

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