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VICTORIA Cilliers jumped out of a plane on a routine skydive, something she did on occasion.

However, Victoria's parachute failed to open, and an investigation revealed that it had been purposefully tampered with.

When is the Parachute Murder Plot on ITV?

Parachute Murder Plot re-airs tonight (August 10) on ITV at 9.15pm.

The one off-crime documentary is one hour long and originally aired in 2018.

Fiona Bruce leads the show and examines the evidence against Emile Cilliers, Victoria's husband.

The documentary will be available to watch on ITV Hub after it has aired.

Who are Emile and Victoria Cilliers?

In the documentary, Fiona Bruce gains access to police tapes from the investigation into army sergeant Emile Cilliers, who attempted to kill his wife by tampering with her parachute.

On a Sunday morning in 2015, Cilliers’ wife Victoria, a highly experienced parachuting instructor, jumped out of a plane at 4,000 feet, but both her main and reserve parachutes failed and she crashed to the ground and resulting in her suffering near-fatal injuries.

Over the following months, the police investigated the circumstances around the sabotage and became certain that her husband Emile had tried to kill her – not once, but twice.

His first attempt came a week before her skydive, when he tampered with the gas valve at their home in Wiltshire.

The plan failed when Victoria smelled the gas and reportedly joked with Cilliers by saying, "Are you trying to bump me off?"

Fiona interviews key contributors including police officers at the heart of the case who provide vivid insights into Cilliers’ motives and background before he was arrested for attempted murder for sabotaging the parachute.

In June 2018 Cilliers was jailed for life for attempting to murder his wife.

Where are the Cilliers now?

Victoria, now 44, is an army physiotherapist and is raising their two children by herself.

She told Good Morning Britain she had gone through "every emotion under the sun" – and was still grieving for their relationship."

She added: "I'm still pretty stunned. It's such a massive thing to accept that he might have wanted to kill me, and harm the children.

"I love the husband I had – I'm grieving for that marriage."

Emilie Cilliers is fortunately still behind bars, two years into his 18-year sentence.

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