Who does Ryan Hurst play on Law & Order: SVU?

RYAN Hurst is an actor known for a variety of roles in such shows as The Walking Dead and Bosch.

But fans of Law & Order: SVU know him for an entirely different role.

Who does Ryan Hurst play on Law & Order: SVU?

Ryan Hurst played a character called Doug Loveless on Law & Order: SVU.

He was a grifter and a con artist who was first featured in the episode called Bombshell.

In the episode, he had a twin sister named Cassandra Davina (played by Rose McGowan).

And the episode revealed that the two had an incestuous relationship.

Doug and Cassandra went from state to state, stealing money from swingers.

After a swinging incident in Miami, Doug stabbed his victim.

Eventually, however, Doug was stabbed and killed by one of his other prospective victims, Jerry Bullard (played by Tom Irwin).

Who is Ryan Hurst?

Even though he played a scumbag on Law & Order: SVU, Ryan Hurst comes from a very well-to-do Hollywood family.

He was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA.

His mother is acting coach Candace Kaniecki, and his father is actor Rick Hurst.

The elder Hurst is best known for his role as Cletus Hogg on the original Dukes of Hazzard television show.

He has a half-brother named Collin Hurst.

Where else can you see Ryan Hurst?

In addition to Ryan Hurst's scary and disturbing Law & Order: SVU role, you can see him in a number of notable productions.

His first claim to fame was as Gerry Bertier in the film Remember The Titans.

He also had supporting roles in Medium, Wanted, and The Ladykillers.

Sons of Anarchy fans, however, still can't get over the death of his popular character, Opie Winston.

Hurst is currently appearing on The Walking Dead as Beta, a role which he originated in 2019.

He also plays Hector Bonner in Bosch, which can be found on Amazon Prime.

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