Who is new RHOBH housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff?

IT'S NEVER easy being the new housewife on the block, but Crystal Kung Minkoff is determined to leave her mark.

She doesn't take any messing around and has joined the RHOBH for season 11.

Who is new RHOBH housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff?

Crystal is 35 years old and the first ever Asian American housewife to appear on the series.

She lives the life of luxury in Bel Air, making her the perfect cast member for RHOBH.

Thanks to being married to a Hollywood director, Crystal has a net worth of $15million.

Oh and she's also best mates with Kathy Hilton – no wonder Bravo snapped her up.

Who is Crystal's husband and does she have children?

Crystal is married to Disney director Rob Minkoff.

He directed the Walt Disney classic The Lion King, as well as numerous other major feature films including the Stuart Little series and Haunted Mansion. 

Crystal and Rob have two children, Max and Zoe.

Was Crystal an escort?

A promo for episode 2 of season 3 saw Crystal admit that she once worked as an escort agency – but NOT as an escort.

She confessed during a game of Two Truths and a Lie and shared with the ladies: "I've been arrested. I worked at an escort agency. I've been propositioned to become a madame."

She then revealed the lie was she had been arrested explaining: "I worked at an escort agency. However, I wasn't an escort… I was the opertator. I was 18-years-old right before college."

Crystal went on in a confessional: "I only worked there for a summer, but I grew up pretty quickly that summer."

Erika also commented in her confessional: "That's my kind of chick man, wow!"

Dorit added to the ladies: "You set the bar really freakin high, Crystal."

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