Who is Tom Grennan's partner Danniella Caraturo?

LITTLE Bit of Love Singer Tom Grennan has kept his relationship quiet for some time.

Who is his girlfriend Danniella and what does she do? Here's what we know…

Who is Tom Grennan's partner Danniella Caraturo?

Tom Grennan's girlfriend Danniella Caraturo works as a personal trainer & pilates instructor.

There is very little public information about the Little Bit of Love singer's girlfriend.

Danniella doesn't appear to be heavily active on social media and has a Twitter account which was doesn't seem to have been used since way back in 2017.

She has a private Instagram account but doesn't appear to have any other online presence.

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How did Tom Grennan and Danniella Caraturo meet?

How the pair met has not been confirmed however they seem to have been together since at least 2021.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Tom shared: ‘My personal life is something I want to keep for myself right now and the time will come when everybody will know what it is about but I’m cool with keeping it for me. 

‘It’s blossoming into something really nice and I think for now it’s just us two who want to experience that and not have anybody have an opinion yet.’ 

He added: ‘I think everybody will be happy for me and she’s amazing but for now, I think it just needs to be me and her.’ 

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Who has Tom Grennan previously dated?

Tom has maintained a private love-life and has kept his ex-partners out of the public's view.

He did however share in his interview with Metro how his album Evering Road was an expression of the thoughts and feelings he had after breaking up with an ex.

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Tom explained: ‘It’s a break-up album but it’s an uplifting break-up album. It’s one of them ones where I’ve held my hands up for the things that I’ve done and I’m here to say sorry for it. 

‘I’m here saying I’m sorry and I want to be a better person. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.’ 

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