Why are DJ Khaled and Tyler, the Creator feuding?

TYLER, the Creator has reignited a years old feud with hip hop rival DJ Khaled.

The two rap superstars first had it out when Tyler, the Creator knocked DJ Khaled's album off the No1 spot.

Why are DJ Khaled and Tyler, the Creator feuding?

The bad blood began in 2019 when both artists released albums at around the same time, leading to a bitter chart war.


  • On May 17 Tyler, the Creator's Igor was released by Epic Records
  • That very same day, Columbia Records dropped DJ Khaled's album, Father of Asahd, which is named for the rapper's son, resulting in a battle for the number 1 over the next few weeks.
  • A promotional bundle for Father of Asahd was excluded from the overall sales count used by Billboard, meaning that more than 100,000 sales were disqualified – resulting in Tyler snagging the number one spot.
  • A disgruntled Khaled then took to Instagram over the issue, posting a video in which he appeared to insult Tyler's music. "I make albums so you can play it and people can actually hear it. You know, driving your car, you hear another car playing it. It's called great music," the 45-year-old told fans. "It's called Albums that you actually hear the songs. Not no mysterious s**t that you never actually hear it."
  • Tyler didn't respond to Khaled directly at the time, but couldn't resist liking a few shady tweets, including one which read, "Khaled's album is like when someone has a trash a** outfit but every piece is designer so they think it's fire."
  • The 30-year-old also responded to a tweet which pointed out that his Album was "doing pretty good for some mysterious s**t".
  • In July, in an interview with Zane Lowe, Tyler shared how proud he was to have hit number one, "no disrespect to Khaled or anyone, but this n***a had everyone in the industry, everyone on that f*****g album. Everyone. Everyone. Cardi B. 21 Savage. Travis Scott. Post Malone. Beyonce. Jay. Everyone who sells billions of records and the fact that I beat him with this that isn’t parallel to all the popping music right now was f*****g crazy, bro. It … Are you serious? Like, that was insane to me. And it’s new to me, bro. I’m on album five and six. And it’s work. It’s effort. It’s work. This is f*****g whether n***as like it or not, bro, it’s so much work and detail put into this s**t like—I’m so proud of myself."


  • On January 27, 2020, Tyler appears to get a dig in on Twitter, writing simply "MYSTERIOUS MUSIC". Fans were quick to point out that the adjective Tyler used was a familiar one, and questioned if the rapper was referencing the feud


  • On June 25, Tyler, the Creator finally releases a follow up album to Igor. Call Me If You Get Lost.
  • Like its' predecessor, Call Me If You Get Lost debuted at number one on the Billboard chart.
  • Celebrating, Tyler tweeted "MYSTERIOUS MUSIC! HA!", followed by "N****S IS BLESSED".
  • On August 6, the rapper appeared on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning show to chat about the situation. He described what it was like to beat DJ Khaled, saying, "it was fun, it was just watching a man die inside." He also suggested there was an element of jealousy involved, adding, "N***a's ego had to deal with that because his whole identity is being no.1. And when he didn't get that, that sat with him longer in real life time than that moment, I moved on. That N***a ego deflated, he'll probably never admit it."
  • However, Tyler wanted to clarify that he didn't hold any ill will towards his rival.
  • Khaled is yet to respond to the latest drama.

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