Why Kelley Flanagan Told Peter Weber to "Get the Hell Out" of Her Life

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber had a toxic relationship—and split. The exes met on Peter’s season of The Bachelor. Even though “Pilot Pete” broke up with her before hometowns, they reunited after the show and proceeded to date for eight months. But, their relationship wasn’t all roses (…had to), and Kelley says that she’s completely cut Peter out of her life.

Despite pushing 30 and being in a relationship, Peter still had the hobbies of… um, dare I say a young bachelor? “He loves Pokémon cards and he loves playing video games and he loves going out and partying,” Kelley explained during a recent Chicks in the Office podcast episode. “There was a while where I was trying to convince myself that that’s what I liked and I was like, ‘Alright, Kelley, let’s be honest with yourself. Does that add up for you?'”


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Spoiler alert: It didn’t. Their difference in interests was compounded after she “found some news out.” That’s… vague, but Kelley added that it had to do with being able to see his location, so I’m like 93% sure it has to do with another woman.

“It ended really badly,” she continued. “I essentially went off on him. I ended up leaving New York and going to one of my girlfriend’s houses and hanging out with her. He texted me, I didn’t respond and then found some news out that I wasn’t happy about. We still had each other on Find My Friends.”

She then told him to “get the hell out of my life,” and they’re no longer in contact.


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“He messaged me the other day and I’m just not responsive,” she revealed. “There’s a lot of things that you hear. This world is very small. I even get stopped by girls in Nashville and they’re like, ‘My friend hooked up with Peter last week!'”

Damn, that’s the definition of a bad breakup.

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