Why Watching Disney+'s Hamilton At Home May Be Better Than Seeing It On Broadway

The Hamilton live capture feature film makes its way into living rooms and anywhere Disney+ streams on Friday, July 3.. Moved up from a projected 2021 movie house release, the upcoming film edits together two June 2016 performances at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. So audiences actually get to see the original cast in all their glory–including the show’s creator, composer, and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda in the central role as United States’ founding father Alexander Hamilton and rapper Daveed Diggs in a dual role as Maarquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.

GameSpot’s sister site CNET reports that in a recent Zoom conference with the Hamilton team, director Thomas Kail–who produced and directed the Broadway musical–dug into the details of filming the production: The show never stopped as Kail’s cameras rolled, but his crew had opportunities to film the cast without an audience present. To capture the musical’s most essential moments, the crew positioned cameras in the audience, on cranes and dollies, and in the hands of camera people who could follow the action on stage.

“The task for me was to try to create a document of what it felt like to be in that room,” Kail said. “This is not trying to be the show. This is its own experience, and I think we tried to embrace the love we have for being in the theater.”

“This is better than the best seat in the house at Hamilton,” Miranda said. “[Kail] very deliberately breaks the proscenium in places.”

Those are a lot of perks, considering that a Disney+ subscription runs for $7 a month, and Hamilton Broadway tickets notoriously sold for $199-$1000+ a seat, without even getting into the exorbitant world of Hamilton scalpers. Watching Hamilton at home looks to be a real deal.

These new details follow recent reporting that Hamilton on Disney+ will censor two swear words. Check out the trailer here.

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