Woman marries cousin in ‘glow in the dark’ wedding dress made of 22 fox skins

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A traveller who married her first cousin wore a tailor-made wedding dress made of 22 fox skins and 80,000 rhinestones for her Winter Wonderland-themed ceremony.

Annie, 26, from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, the US, fell in love with her first cousin Josh and both are Romanichal travellers.

The build-up to their wedding was captured on TLC show Gypsy Brides US, in which Josh says: "It [marrying a cousin] didn't matter to her and it didn't matter to me. I can't help the fact that I love her."

The bride-to-be turns to famous Boston-based traveller dressmaker Sondra Celli, for help to make her a dress that would transform her into a "snow queen".

Sondra says: "I've made a lot of dresses, this dress is amazing. If she doesn't pass out over this dress, I quit. I quit, I quit."

When Annie goes to Sondra's studio for a fitting, she is thrilled by the finished look and screams: "Oh my God! I love it. This is the best Romani dress I've ever laid my eyes on in history."

The white gown is encrusted with 80,000 rhinestones and trimmed with 22 fox skins at the back, as well as blingy sequins all over.

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But there is more as the garment can glow in the dark with a hidden switch to turn on tiny lightbulbs layered along the draping of the dress.

It is completed with fluffy sleeves and a massive star-shaped headpiece, making Annie's dream of becoming a "snow queen" come true.

The wedding venue is decorated with white curtains and burning candles on the floor to match the theme of a snow kingdom, but Annie has to walk down the aisle without catching her dress on fire.

The excited bride says: "It means the world to me to become his wife."

And mum Jet adds: "Its important to me being a Romani mother that Annie gets married to Josh. If I die I'll be leaving this world with peace."

Annie and Josh exchange their vows and finally tie their knots in front of their family and friends.

When they take the lead for the first dance in the party, Annie turns on the lights on her dress and gives her husband a "magical" surprise.

It comes after another Romani couple were forced to have their wedding ceremony cut short when the bridesmaids started fighting on the street.

The newlyweds had to flee the local council courthouse after the bloodied brawl alerted the police.

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