Wondering How Far Teddi Makes It on 'The Bachelor'? Same, So We Investigated

Hi there, Bachelor vacation is over, Clayton Echard’s season is here, and the time has come to talk about Teddi Wright. Just plz keep in mind that there are a ton of spoilers in this article, including but not limited to how far 24-year-old Teddi makes it on Clayton’s extremely dramatic and incredibly horny-seeming “love journey.” But before we dive into that, let’s start things off with some spoiler-free facts about Teddi.

Teddi Wants a Man Who Can Have Fun and Isn’t Afraid to Skinny Dip

ABC gathered up Teddi’s specific list of musts when it comes to dating, and she knows exactly what she wants. Specifically, she’s a hopeless romantic who wants to find a soulmate and has “no interest in settling just to settle,” and she enjoys a man who’s up for a late-night skinny-dipping sesh.

She Has a Super-Impressive Job

Look, can’t lie. Not every job in Bachelor nation is impressive, let alone real. Unless you consider “sloth” to be a profession, in which case ignore me. Either way, Teddi has a really impressive career going for her and recently got licensed as a nurse—so major congrats are in order! She appears to live and work in California, where she’s super close to her family. A few snapshots of her life for ya:


A post shared by teddi wright (@teddiwright)


A post shared by teddi wright (@teddiwright)

So cute / love her / now to the spoilers! Which are directly after this amazing gif:

Teddi Gets Clayton’s First Impression Rose

Which you’re about to find out during tonight’s premiere! But Reality Steve actually spoiled this for everyone all the way back in October 2021, when Clayton’s season began filming.

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