WWE's Netflix Movie, The Main Event, Has Its First Incredibly Bizarre Trailer

Professional wrestling isn’t filled with the greatest movies about the sport. Most notably, there was Ready To Rumble, a bonkers movie about poop cleaners helping Oliver Platt beat up DDP. There was also The Wrestler, an incredibly dark movie about the life of an indy wrestler. Now, WWE and Netflix have a movie coming out called The Main Event, which lands somewhere between the worlds of comedy and horror, depending on how you look at it.

Arriving to the streaming service on April 10, the film follows a young boy played by Seth Carr (Young Killmonger in Black Panther) who finds a magical mask that gives him superpowers. However, instead of fighting crime, he enters a WWE tournament and uses his abilities to Gorilla Press Slam Keith Lee. Watch the trailer below.


Sure, this is a movie geared more towards families and children, but it still looks pretty fun–and completely bonkers. It’s full of NXT and WWE superstar cameos as well.

The Main Event is directed by Jay Karas (Workaholics) and written by Larry Postel, Jim Mahoney (Klaus), Zach Lewis (Klaus), and Peter Hoare (Kevin Can Wait). This is another April collaboration between WWE and Netflix, with the other being the upcoming family sitcom The Big Show Show, arriving on April 6.

While WWE is making its push into scripted original series on Netflix, it’s having some issues with its PPVs. Because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, this year’s Wrestlemania was moved to the Performance Center, and it will now be taking place over the course of two nights. Now, it’s being reported that Roman Reigns will be dropping out of the event, as he was supposed to take on Goldberg for the Universal Championship.

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