Yellowstone star pays tribute to Kevin Costner after dramatic exit ‘Close to my heart’

Yellowstone: John Dutton faces off against Checkers

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Hollywood legend Kevin Costner heads up the Paramount Western with a career-best performance as powerful rancher John Dutton. Still recovering from the horrific ambush at the end of Yellowstone season three, guest star Brad Carter took to Instagram to pay tribute to the star after leaving the series with a brutal shootout in the latest episode. 

John finally got some revenge against his would-be killers in Yellowstone’s third episode of the new season, All I See Is You. 

Supporting star Brad Carter had the honour of being taken to the train station last week and later took to his Instagram page to pay respect to the show’s iconic lead. 

He wrote: “This is the look you give one of your childhood heroes shortly before you have a one-on-one shootout with him.”

Brad included an image of himself looking bloody and bruised as he faced down his captor.

Disgraced soldier Chester ‘Checkers’ Spears (Brad Carter) was picked up by Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) in his casino for causing trouble at the start of the season.

He was then taken to John as a peace offering after he claimed he had organised the hit on the Duttons. 

Checkers claimed he had staffed the job, but there is still a long way to go before John and his family take down the person at the top of the operation. 

However, John wasn’t going to let him get off easily and challenged his enemy to one final shootout to give him a chance to escape.

The actor continued: “Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine that I would be so lucky as to do the things I have gotten to do.

“Or meet the people I have gotten to meet over the past 20 years in this career.”

Kevin Costner became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars throughout the 1990s, and his performance as John Dutton is the first time he has taken on a TV role for multiple seasons.

Known for appearing in Western films such as Dances With Wolves and Wyatt Earp, it would have been a dream come true for Brad to face him in a classic cowboy shootout.

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He continued: “This particular one will always be close to my heart though because in all the ways I have ‘died’ (and there’ve been plenty), to die by his hands is about as good as it gets or will ever get for me in front of a camera. 

“But to be able to sit, talk, listen to his music and absorb his sound advice behind the camera, well that is a different kind of thing for me. 

“Those are the moments I will cherish most and keep to myself.”

Throughout the series, John and his trusted ranch hands have taken a number of undesirables for a fatal trip to the ‘train station’.

However, none of their enemies’ final moments have been quite this slow and painful, and Brad even claimed he performed the stunt of falling into the ravine himself.

“And yes that’s me falling off that ravine,” he added. “And yes it was very REAL.

“The train station ain’t no joke, I got the neck-ache to remind me.”

The bodies in the train station are certainly starting to pile up, but John and his posse will undoubtedly add a few more before the current season has wrapped up.

Yellowstone season 4 continues Sundays on Paramount.

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