‘You’re awful’ Carol Kirkwood hits back at Naga Munchetty after jibe

Naga Munchetty takes swipe at brutal swipe at Carol Kirkwood

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During Thursday’s BBC Breakfast, Naga Munchetty asked meteorologist Carol Kirkwood to move the special effects of a foggy scene behind her to the front in order to block her from view of the camera. Responding to the swipe, Carol called the BBC presenter “awful” before continuing with her weather report.

“Let’s talk to Carol, find out what’s happening,” Naga stated.

“Now, Carol – it’s getting more and more foggy, the more we see you.

“I do think though, you should look at the special effects and think about knocking them forward a bit.”

She added: “That might make it look even better.”

Carol seemed puzzled by Naga’s suggestion. Baffled, she asked: “You think so, Naga?”

“Yeah,” the broadcaster replied, as Carol responded: “Well, I think it’s lovely as it is.”

“I was talking about bringing it in front – in between you and the camera,” the journalist explained.

Carol abruptly stopped smiling as she commented: “Oh…”

She continued: “You are awful, but I like you!” before she updated viewers on what they can expect from the weather.

At the end of her report, co-presenter Charlie Stayt alluded to Carol’s response to Naga.

He remarked: “Carol, may I just say on a personal note, congratulations on bringing Dick Emery, and a quote from Dick Emery, into the mix this morning, which will only mean something to a few people.”

He added: “I liked it”, as Naga chimed: “I liked it, too.”

The pair were referring to Carol’s quote, made famous by the comedian and actor, ‘You’re awful, but I like you’.

Charlie went on: “We know what we are talking about.”

“We do,” Carol replied, laughing. She added: “Probably the only ones.”

Because the weather expert doesn’t appear on the show on Fridays, Naga commented; “Carol, have a lovely weekend.”

“We’ll see you next week, yeah?” she asked. Carol confirmed: “Yes, thank you.”

Responding to the interaction, Twitter user Bec wrote: “Naga has no filter. Poor Carol #BBCBreakfast.”

“I really don’t like the way Naga speaks to Carol sometimes on BBC breakfast,” Emma wrote.

“Not funny Naga. Suggesting the picture would be better with the Fog in between the camera and Carol. You really need to engage brain before gob,” Martin fumed.

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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